About Blogust 2016

Welcome to Blogust 2016!

Can a comment, share or like make a difference? With Blogust, it can.

This Blogust 2016, bloggers from across the country will be sharing throwback baby photos of themselves or their children at important milestones with #Blogust and for every social media like, comment or share (up to 30,000) MAM will make a donation to help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need.

Blogust is a month-long digital dialogue, bringing together many of the most beloved online writers, photo and video bloggers, and Shot@Life Champions to change the world through inspirational imagery and storytelling.

Comments and shares count!

The Blogust 2016 digital relay participants will be sharing the story behind #TBT baby photos or videos of themselves, their kid(s) or a side-by-side comparison at important milestones – from first steps or first smile to fifth birthday. Every parent everywhere should be able to experience these milestones, which is why every like, comment and social media share their posts receive (up to 30,000 throughout the month of August 2016) will trigger a donation by MAM to help provide a vaccine for a child in need around the world.

During the 2012 Mom 2.0 Summit, a comment was made during one of the sessions that changed the way the Shot@Life campaign looked at our work. Liz Gumbinner, author of Mom 101 said “Comments are our currency”. We took that to heart and brought together top voices who cared about the issue of global vaccines for children and Blogust was born!

In our fifth year of Blogust, our blogger alumni and Shot@Life Champions are back to celebrate five years of helping kids around the world reach their fifth birthday thanks to the power of global vaccines.

Meet The Class of Blogust ’12, ’13, ’14, and ’15